Cherry Willingham GCSE students De-stress With Boxing

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Students from Cherry Willingham Community School, situated just outside of Lincoln, are seeking stress relief at Vertical.

Led by Miss Neal, the Assistant Headteacher at Cherry Willingham Community School, they have opted into sessions of boxing and stretch to help relieve exam tensions.

Charli Neal decided that the endorphins of exercise combined with some bonding time away from revision would flex their mental state a little. Giving them some light relief from hours spent hunched over laptops and revision books.

Exam time grips thousands of students every year – some coping with it better than others. Lorrel Staton will deliver a class that helps relax their neck and shoulders while giving them the space they need to vent their frustrations. Pad work is renowned for its stress busting powers and is actually seriously good fun.

We are very happy to put on ‘revision relief’ sessions for students needing some distraction. It is a tough time that warrants bag work and self love. If your school would be interested then get in touch:

Here are five additional tips to help students across Lincolnshire, and beyond, cope with exam/revision stress.

1. Eat Well

You will crave sugar and feel like you need those sugar rushes. You might also steer towards energy drinks like red bull and caffeine but they are huge energy zappers. They give you a quick pick up and then drop you from a big height leaving you tired and lethargic. Energy drinks are also full of sugar and are only really suitable for extreme exercise sessions.

2. Sleep

Know when to stop revising and get some proper sleep. It will allow what you have learnt so far to sink in and make sure you are alert to learn more tomorrow. Too little sleep makes your bodies processes sluggish so you are less likely to take your revision in, more likely to daydream and allow your concentration to wander.

3. Bitesize

Revising for hours on end is a waste of time. You get brain fatigue – like brain freeze but without the ice cream. You are trying to force information in but your brain isn’t having any of it. You need to revise in bitesize chunks. Be methodical and logical about your revision – learn a topic and then take a break. Reward yourself with some you time and switch off for chunks of the day to replenish your endorphin levels so you do not get bored. Boredom is a natural and perfectly understandable occurrence so see it coming and head it off!

4. Tray different methods

Some work best revising in a set way but others haven’t found their ideal revision tactic yet. Listening to podcasts, watching educational videos, writing out text books into your own words, making Q & A cards so you can test yourself, bullet pointing key points, or talking something through what you are learning. These are all different strategies that you can try. Some people like a mix, others just gel with one. Experiment and try to enjoy revision as much as possible – that way more of it will go in and stay in!

5. Relax

It feels like the stress of the world is on your shoulders. But it isn’t. Millions of people have done what you are approaching and you have nailed the approach. As long as you are revising, breathing and increasing your confidence with every subject covered – you can walk into those exams with determination. This is your moment to shine and it doesn’t matter how many people have walked this path before you – this one belongs to you. So do your best, dont worry about results, just concentrate on the process and take your time. You’ve got this!

JodieCherry Willingham GCSE students De-stress With Boxing