An Interview With Dan Rosen Pole Dancer Extraordinaire

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Vertical Joy just hosted Daniel Rosen for one of his intensive pole workshop days. Naturally we are all feeling a little sore this morning but we are all wearing massive grins on our faces. Dan is very well known in the UK for his excellent teaching style and plethora of pole tricks & abilities as well as on the international scene.

His workshops offer a mix of tricks, flowing routines, stretch intensive sessions and split tricks. Meeting him was an absolute pleasure and we will certainly be hosting him again. All of the students and instructors got tons from the day and felt supported, encouraged and comfortable with the pace and level of the sessions throughout. It is safe to say that everyone in attendance loves Dan and will be stalking him forever more! Good think he doesn’t mind groupies isn’t it!

So we tucked into some fish and chips after a long days work and asked Dan a few questions to get to know the man behind the short shorts a little better:

What is your favourite pole move?

Oh boring question! Erm – Jade Split. Because it is hard and looks pretty. I was never very flexible so now when I nail moves that require flexibility and look so good it makes me feel awesome.

What are the positives of being a gay man in the pole community?

Girls love being taught by a gay man. That’s what I have found anyway. I think they find them less intimidating. Because there are so few men in the pole world I also think that competing against women made me a better poler. Men generally speaking start out with more strength than women but women have more flexibility and perhaps fluidity. Competing against each other evens the playing field and means women work hard on their strength so I worked hard on my flexibility.

Any negatives of being a man in the pole community?

I guess for the same reasons as above it can be hard for men to compete against women because of those differences. It doesn’t always seem fair. It is hard to judge flexibility against strength but on the whole I think this is a positive. It worked for me anyway.

Favourite item of clothing?

Dragon Fly Shorts

Move that frustrates you the most?

Hate Icarina – just hate that move!

Anything dangerous that you avoid?

I think everything is dangerous. But moves done before you are capable is the biggest danger I see. It is not always easy to police either. I get students come to me and say “I would like to work on my Ayesha” so I help them work on it and then hopefully they skip away having nailed it. Then I wonder if their instructor thinks they are not ready because they see more of them than I do and maybe they haven’t been able to do an extended butterfly. But you have to trust the students word – not always simple though.

Most interesting person you ever met?

Marlo Fisken – I find her so interesting and captivating

Who would you be without pole in your life?

Oh. I would probably still have my own business I think. And I expect I would be doing something fitness or exercise based. But I’d be okay. If I could go back to school and do it all again I would love to get into designing fitness clothing.

Are you any good at design?

Nope. That’s why I would need to go back!

What is your biggest goal?

To be known a little bit more internationally so I can teach all over the world

Are you happy?

Yes – yeah I am. It would be nice to have a few days off. But I believe that when you are busy you have to grasp it with both hands because nothing lasts forever does it?

Where will pole go next do you think?

It will become more mainstream. Could go into gyms. 1 week pole course qualifications and people in gyms delivering a fitness class but not the popular passionate pole experience you get at a pole school. I do worry that it might move away from pole schools and into a fitness track. There is so much to pole like stripper style which is at its roots. There are a lot of people who love stripper style so it will never go away.

Have you ever been scared of a groupie?

A few but I want more! More groupies that bring me free gifts. Ultimately I enjoy the fact that they enjoy what I do and it gives me great feedback so what is not to love! They let me know I am doing something right.

Your favourite alcoholic beverage?

I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t like it. So strong that my palette cant stand it. Copperberg I can manage but I would have to drink so many to get drunk! If I do drink I can only handle about five drinks before I’m gone because I just don’t drink.

What is your favourite pole event/championship?

Can I have 2? [yes]

1 – UK PPC – It is my favourite comp to enter and I love judging and competing in it.

2 – Pole Theatre

What is your favourite routine of yours?

UK PPC when I came second – it was set to ‘Often’ by The WeekND.

What is your favourite routine from all the ones you have ever watched?

Slava & Anna at Pole Theatre Doubles Championship

Best tip for running a pole school?

Remember that no question is ever a stupid question. Always sound engaged and interested in your clients. There really is nothing worse than being ignored or feeling that someone hasn’t got the time for you.

Your biggest fail?

Oh god you have got to see this! I wasn’t even on the pole. It was stupid but so funny. It’s a Needle Scale fail.

[do love that thumbnail image lmao]

Do you have any hobbies outside of pole?

Yes Skiing. If I have a day off I don’t go and do pole. I do anything but pole. I go abroad to ski every year. Loved going to Val Thorens.

Massive thanks to Daniel for taking the time to answer our questions and for giving us a memorable day! You were everything we hoped for and more :-). Dan’s studio is situated in Hemel Hemstead in Hertfordshire should you ever want to follow your addiction to his studio doors:

Thanks Dan – You’re a superstar!

vertical joy community with Dan Rosen during a pole workshop

JodieAn Interview With Dan Rosen Pole Dancer Extraordinaire