Interview With The Incredibly Slinky Sexy Sarah Blackmilk

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Sarah popped by a few weeks ago now to roll around our floors and teach us all to embrace the spirit of the slinky. It was a fun, super well structured and really enjoyable trio of workshops. Sarah is such an intuitive instructor and brims with passion and patience in equal measure. The workshops are tailored to the individual as much as possible so no matter what you think you are capable of you will be amazed at yourself.

It is tradition for us to interview the pole instructors that grace our studio with their presence. So here are a few words from Sarah Blackmilk – my absolute favourite reply from any instructor we have ever had is to the question – How would you define yourself in a sentence? Her reply is exquisite.

I had chance to get to spend some time with Sarah and if you are considering inviting her to your studio then do. She is an intelligent, insightful and super professional individual – you will enjoy every minute! Many thanks to Sarah for progressing our floor-work, finding our rhythm and keeping us engrossed throughout. We will absolutely be having you back!

sarah blackmilk floor pose

Here is the full interview:


Why do you do what you do?

I dance completely naturally. I was an engineer for 20 years and was made redundant for Christmas. People messaged me about doing workshops and it just went from there. 15 months in and it is still going.

Do you love what you do?

Yeah I do. It’s live living the dream minus the secure income, sick pay and ability to stay in my own house more than four days at a time.

How would you define yourself in a sentence?

Unusual in every context.

Any nemesis moves/combos?

Anything up the pole. I can do twisty grip dead lifts, Generos but I cant do any leg hangs or a superman. I am very much a floor dweller.

Which spirit animal would you be?

Spirit animal would have to be a Red Panda. Just look at how much joy they have in the world around them!!! The overwhelming excitement these dudes have experiencing a pumpkin, or a rock… They are just the luffliest.

red panda spirit animal

What do you enjoy doing most?

Huge satisfaction from seeing people do what they are convinced they cant do.

I love performing because I find it less like putting on a mask and more taking it off. You can only focus on the movement and what you are listening to so you can ditch all the stress and tension. It is like a meditation – a private space.

What is the quirkiest thing about you?

I feel like I look at everything a bit differently to everyone. I feel like I have a monologue in my head – I cant turn it off – a narrative.

I see personalities and perceive things through comparison – constantly comparing things to a monologue or catalogue of experiences in my head.

I also say ‘hello’ to everything. Have done since I was a kid which some people find quite strange I guess but most have come to accept it.

I anthropomorphise everything which is why I think I see the world differently.

Are you religious?


Your biggest role model or inspirational person?

Um, inspirational person is a toughie, no one is coming to mind. I genuinely think it’s because I find attitudes & actions more inspiring than anyone just ‘being’. Like, anyone who takes critical illness or injury in their stride & just deals with it – My mum for example had uterine cancer a few years ago, & treated her hysterectomy like having a tooth out. People who’ve been through life changing & devastating experiences & manage to move past them. Anyone who has become stronger than the things they’ve faced – That inspires the crap out of me.

One piece of tech you cannot live without?

My phone – connectivity, social media – yeah everything on there!

Favourite song?

Losing my religion – R.E.M

Favourite band?


Favourite song to dance to?

Vagina Mind – Puscifer

Favourite food?

I love Italian but favourite would have to be bacon – yeah bacon.

Favourite outfit?

Sequin bikini bottoms, electric tape pasties and chrome Pleasers.

Has there been a moment in your life that defined you?

My dad killed himself – self-euthanasia.

That gave me a baseline to live my life by – nothing could ever be as bad as that. It made me see the rest of my life very differently.

If you could do anything in the world what would you do?

I would love to sky dive or fly something – be a jet pilot!

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