Interview: Talking Inspiration with Pole Dancer Sarah Scott

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The international instructor and performer needs little introduction. I could put that Sarah Scott is an XPERT Master trainer teaching workshops around the world, won Miss Pole Dance UK in 2012 as well as the Pro Drama category at Pole Theatre UK but ultimately the industry knows her as just a lovely person. Someone who champions pole and encourages everyone to get involved so they can feel its positive, empowering effects and become as addicted as she has.
[dt_sc_hr_invisible_small] That was certainly our impression of her when she came to deliver workshops at Vertical Joy on the 15th November. She broke the moves down and then layered them up so that each student felt capable and confident in trying that before the next push onto something even more remarkable. She was friendly, chatty and genuine throughout and it was a pleasure to have her at our facility and see our students absorb that little bit of inspiration every time a world-class instructor stops by.
[dt_sc_hr_invisible_small] I had a few questions prepared to make the most of the time we had with Sarah, here is what she had to say on the theme of inspiration, her own relationship with pole, and any tips and advice she had for us mere mortals:

  • Any rituals or superstitions or good luck charms you have before a performance?

I like to hold a microfiber towel, listen to music and seem to pace up and down! I fade out everything else and just concentrate on what is to come. I like to hold a towel so I know my hands are dry and the most prepared they can be for the pole.

  • What activities/exercises do you do away from the pole to help you on the pole?

I train handstand and other gymnastics based stuff now. That has been incorporated recently as I didn’t have a background in gymnastics. I do shoulder exercises to keep them strong but no specific upper body stuff. I also enjoy doing squats, cardio (usually the rower), and circuits. I like training with a group of likeminded people so we can push each other and just enjoy the training. I have also just done a resistance bands workout on video that I was getting asked a lot about which helps with shoulder health and align the posture for handsprings and some of the more technical moves. [Sarah kindly sent a link to the resistance band video] [dt_sc_hr_invisible_small]

  • Your hair seems to get in the way a lot – do you leave it down for aesthetics when performing so you are used to it, or are you just like the rest of us and forget…?

Well I lose hair bands and I forget them all the time! I train with it down a lot so I’m generally more prepared if I dance with it down on stage – I’m so uncreative with up-do’s. If I do it put it up it usually goes in a side plait – that does the job. I did actually put a bobble in my bag to bring but it’s probably in the car! [So just like the rest of us then!] [dt_sc_hr_invisible_small]

  • Number 1 pole inspiration?

Just so much and so many. I’m not sure I could chose just one – but I love to watch a broad variety of styles and am constantly thinking – can it get any better!? And then another video surfaces and my mind is blown – our community is epic.

  • Number 1 inspiration of anyone?

The person who has influenced me the most is Stacey Snedden – She has helped me so much in this industry and I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am now without her. She juggles being a mum, full time job AND a studio – and she still has time to ring round and check in with people. She’s always at the end of the phone with advice and I love her to bits.

  • Move that took you the longest to conquer and how did you feel?

Funnily enough – Elbow grip Ayesha. Its not a move that I was ever taught – I am self-taught after beginner level so had to figure a lot of stuff out through videos etc, and I don’t believe that’s a good way to learn moves like that! Its takes longer and is much more dangerous. When I finally nailed it felt like a relief!
[dt_sc_hr_invisible_small] Now I have done courses to teach myself far more about biomechanics and anatomy, which I find really interesting. There are so many different ways into different tricks so everything is achievable for ‘normal’ people – not that there is a normal, we are all normal aren’t we! I try to concentrate on specialising in certain areas. So I don’t do a lot of flips of fongis – I choose to do and teach what I love. I have lots of experience, have done lots of research and developed workshops in specific areas so I am confident in those areas to give my best as an instructor. I don’t do much static stretching either – I prefer mobility/dynamic movements. You feel better if you progress what you can do and what you are good at while trying those frustrating moves that are your personal challenges.

  • Favourite move?

Static pole spins

  • Move you hate?

Moves that I can’t do by myself comfortably.
[dt_sc_hr_invisible_small] Current personal goals?
Put out quality content on YouTube. To be more organized and set out more structure in my training. I have been revisiting ‘old skool’ moves. Training skin resistant tricks like different tumbles etc. I am thinking about competing again next year – I tend to push myself in training if I have a clear goal to work towards.

  • Favourite Superhero and why?
[After much deliberation] Iron Man let’s go with that – because he flies but has more attitude than Superman. I like a guy with sarcasm J
  • And if you could have one thing (anything) gifted to you tomorrow – what would it be?

Complete career security. Knowing the industry is safe/solid and I would remain injury free. The knowledge that I would do what I love forever without any threat.
[dt_sc_hr_invisible_small] A huge thank you to Sarah Scott for a cracking workshop and lots of new drills and moves to practice to perfect those handsprings, leaps, lifts and levitations – we were all thoroughly inspired!

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JodieInterview: Talking Inspiration with Pole Dancer Sarah Scott