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A comprehensive foundations and fundamentals course so you can start your pole journey from the comfort of your own home. Detailed instruction throughout ensures you learn the basics in a safe way so you can build strength one move at a time.

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DISCLAIMER – For Your Own Safety

Make sure you have enough space to train on the pole safely and that you have followed instructions when securing the pole.

You must also be healthy and able to train without any complications. If you are concerned about your physical health then consult a doctor to make sure you are safe to participate in online training classes.

The spins become more complex as the programme progresses. The growth in technique aligns with an incremental development in strength.

With over a decade of experience in pole dance, and over 6 years teaching, this content has been put together to help others discover pole for themselves. Yes, you need a pole to start this journey but that will feel like a small investment when you feel stronger, more confident and potentially even more empowered.


If you prefer to rent you can opt to do just that!

The first rentable playlist includes 11 videos. You could rent it to sample the subscription content and learn the basics. Then you can choose to progress onto playlist two for more progressive content. You will miss out this way on additional transitional elements that are not available in the rentable content.

Pole Foundations - Playlist 1

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Pole Foundations - Playlist 2

RENT – Just £7.98 for 1 Week


Whether you opt to subscribe or fancy doing your own thing at home make sure you warm-up. If you are used to exercise and like a more challenging warm-up them opt for the intermediate one. If you are new to exercise then start with the beginner warm-up which will make sure you are ready to train safely without using all your energy up before you have hit the pole.

Starter Warm-Up

Intermediate Warm-Up

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Enjoy 19 spins in your own time – six comprehensive videos as minimum. Content will be added to give you more training options as the course expands and grows with you.

SUBSCRIBE NOW – Just £12/Month

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