Vertical’s 1 Year Anniversary: The Highlights

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When people say a lot can happen in a year they are bang on! 2015-2016 was an incredible year for Vertical Fitness & Vertical Joy and we have been seriously astounded and humbled by the people who have made it all possible. We would like to take this opportunity to go through some of our highlights and thank everyone who has helped made the year such a memorable one!

Gainsborough Business awards

It came as a shock to us after being open for only two months to be nominated for a customer service award. The fact that we were finalists in the Gainsborough Business Awards was a big boost for us and it also gave us the perfect reason to don our best dresses and celebrate the opening of the new studio. It was a wonderful night and really the start of a tremendous year for us.

Britain’s Got Talent

The next shock and pleasure came when we were asked to host auditions for Britain’s Got Talent (BGT). They came to us after viewing the videos on our Facebook page and decided we had talent. We invited lots of other schools and fitness centres to come and audition at our venue and as always our clients and instructors did us proud. There were a lot of nerves that night but everyone shone and we got our first press release into the Gainsborough Standard.

Our Clients

Our lovely and loyal clients stuck by us through a change of premises and a delay in our grand opening. They have helped raised hundreds of pounds for various charities and represented Vertical at some prestigious pole Championships. Clearly without you lot we just wouldn’t be here. But it is so much more than business most days. You make us smile and laugh when we are down, you support us when we are stretched and you shout about us far and wide bringing in new clients every week! Vertical wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t for our excellent client base and we are thankful for every single one of you, even the crazies, every time we open up!
sarah scott workshop


Lincolnshire Pole Championships

The start of 2016 saw us all working hard to perfect routines for the Lincs Pole Championships. Vertical Joy won first place with a thrilled Sara Otter in the beginner category and Heather came third in the professional amateur category. The performances by Sarah Myers, Katie Von Shambles and Vicky Forrest were all truly superb to watch and each brought the audience to life. It was such a hugely moving day and one of deep pride for all who entered and conquered their nerves to put Vertical Joy on the map. It was on this day that we realised how solid a team we really are with so much support from everyone watching and rooting every entrant on stage on.


Our Profile

We have continued to raise our local and indeed national profile by building connections with industry leaders. We have showcased numerous workshops with expert pole dancers, twerking masters and Salsa champions. There will be many more and our social, local and national profile will continue to grow. It is a pleasure hosting some of the best performers out there. As well as that our instructors are continually advancing their own skills and taking relevent qualifications to stay up-to-date with industry changes. Instagram has led to continued exposure in the industry and we are working on qualifications in a couple of trends set to hit the UK by the end of the year! Expect more dance, conditioning and lots more workshops with the worlds greatest :-).

DN21 Awards

It was a real high point to win the social media category in the DN21 Awards. Our social presence is very much about a reflection of our relationship with our clients. Their determination, their comical moments, their success stories and their silly suggestions are what made our social profiles stand out. That and a little digital marketing magic! A crumpet warmed on a heater and a stand out pole dancing performance were our biggest social scoring posts – the message there is never take your social too seriously – they want personality over self promotion and that is something we aim to keep to a low. Except this post – a little celebration is good for the soul ;-). Just one of the best nights to date, picking up a trophy for a hell of a lot of hard work so thanks again for making that possible with all your support.


The Future

Vertical has never been about one person and never will be. It is about the team of wonderful individuals and all of our passionate clients. we have the best team anyone could hope for: passionate, enthusiastic, patient, supportive, and loyal to a heart-warming degree.
[dt_sc_hr_invisible_small] So today we thank all the people that helped us build, paint, and clean this place one year ago. We thank all of our brilliant clients for supporting us through difficult and momentous moments. But in particular, we thank Heather, Caroline, Vikki, Stacey, Katie and Jade for all that they do. You go above and beyond and we couldn’t do it without you – we wouldn’t want to!
[dt_sc_hr_invisible_small] Cheers #TeamVertical and Thank You all so much for an amazing 1st year! You are all part of what makes us an award winning studio.
[dt_sc_hr_invisible_small] Lots of love,
[dt_sc_hr_invisible_small] Sarah & Jodie xx


JodieVertical’s 1 Year Anniversary: The Highlights