Why we are Shit Hot at What we do?

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What makes Vertical a haven for polers, aerialists, boxers, fitness nuts and ordinary people with a nice dash of individuality? Well that’s a long question and we know different people have different needs. But we know there are a few things we do pretty damn well!

Client Centred

Our approach from day one was all about delivering a very client friendly and focused service. Whether that means catering for people with disabilities or specific anxieties or just accommodating those with erratic job commitments, we wanted to cater for everyone.

Vertical has always been about providing a safe haven for people to lose themselves in something they are passionate about, progressing year on year and laughing every chance they get. Our mission was very very simple:

  • Always be authentic to our product and stay true to our roots
  • Encourage an open, honest and safe environment for all
  • Fitness is and always should be fun
  • Never dilute our brand for monetary gain – we teach what we love because we want you guys to love them just as much as we do!

If you want to lose weight (we prefer to call it fat) then we are there to help. If you want to increase your body confidence or build up to attending a group class then we can build your self-esteem. If you want to fart about with your mates and just de-stress for a while then that’s fine and we can help you find some stress relief too!

Registered Exercise Professionals

Jodie & Sarah are REPS members which means they are registered exercise professionals who have agreed to maintain a certain standard of delivery. They must accrue CPD points every year to keep their membership which means they stay sharp and up-to-date with fitness trends and safe forms of teaching.

It is really useful for adding fresh classes to the timetable, incorporating modern practices into their workouts and distinguishing themselves apart from those who are not as up-to-date, responsible or even qualified in the industry.

Spin City Qualified & PDC APPROVED

Spin City are the industry leaders in the pole and aerial arts sector. Our team are fully qualified to deliver these disciplines having gone through the extensive training. Spin City’s pioneering approach to Instructor Training unites cutting edge fitness techniques with best practice. It brought regulation to the industry and we are very proud to be a Spin City qualified school. We also have full PDC (Pole Dance Community) approved instructor status. The certificates we award are a nationally recognised pole dance qualification. 


We do not try to sell to you 24-7 or constantly post memes trying to persuade you into our classes. Our social media channels are there to educate, encourage and champion the impressive achievements of our clients. We wanted it to be a positive environment for our community to interact and reach out to us and each other – it is safe to say we have achieved that and are excited about the campaigns to come this year to progress it further than ever before.


We focus on what we are great at so you are only ever getting the best service and the best value for money. Whether that is boxing circuits, pole dancing, aerial arts or bootcamp you can guarantee we have the qualifications, the passion and always maintain the attention to detail that a quality service requires.

Jodie trained with the Territorial Army, she holds a 2nd degree black belt and is a nutrition & weight management qualification away from holding her level 3 Personal Training certificate. She has also trained her whole life and also holds a level 2 gym instructor, an exercise to music level 2, pre & post-natal training, advanced choreography & conditioning, and indoor cycling certification.

Sarah & Heather hold Intermediate pole dancing qualifications with Spin City. They also bolt onto their training every year with workshops around the UK so their teaching never stays stale and progresses year on year. Katie also holds the Spin City qualification for pole dancing and is a fitness nut who progresses her knowledge daily. Heather is also a qualified a fully nurse.

Katie, Robyn & Becca are all training towards their Spin City aerial and/or pole dancing qualifications. They have a minimum of two years experience in their discipline and also attend workshops throughout the year to hone and perfect their skills.

Our team is not only qualified to the hilt it is also focused on disciplines that they believe in and can deliver with passion and precision every day of the week!

Comprehensive Insurance & Safeguarding Policies

We have comprehensive insurance which covers everything that we do including studio insurance as well as personal instructor insurance to give us full indemnity and liability cover. We are also in the process of refreshing our Safeguarding of Children CPD Certifications which is increasingly important when teaching teenagers who are under increasing pressures as they develop. All organisations that work with or come into contact with children should have safeguarding polices and procedures to ensure that every child, regardless of their age, gender, religion or ethnicity, can be protected from harm. Vertical take your child’s well-being seriously and every member of staff follows our safeguarding policy.

Health & Safety

We adhere to national health and safety legislation and also have a total of 7 first aiders to draw from. Though it might be rare that all 7 are there at once we generally have a minimum of four on site which is pretty damn impressive for the modest sized studio that we are! Hopefully you never find yourselves in a gym or studio that does not have proper health and safety practices in place – Vertical always keep your safety and well-being front and centre of everything that we do.

Those are a few reasons about why we are shit hot at what we do. We wanted to write this because we work hard in the background to make Vertical something special but not everyone is aware of how special we have made it! And because we would love your input – if there is a class you want to try or something you would like us to change, or add to, then get in touch. Vertical is about you and we want to keep on getting it right!

Thanks for making it fun for us too! Our 3 year anniversary will be this year and we are looking forward to an epic celebration to mark that achievement!

JodieWhy we are Shit Hot at What we do?